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The Fat Burning Body Wrap

This Lipase* Body Wrap (or Fat Burning Wrap) is performed in two stages back to back. This wrap is performed only on Clients that have already received our exclusive Slendertone mineral body wrap.

Step 1: Clients are wrapped with bandages soaked in an enzyme solution called "LIPASE". Lipase is an enzyme produced naturally in the body that helps to break down fat (lipo). The patron is in this wrap for 30 minutes. Within this 30 minutes, we encourage light exercising, in order to promote circulation of the lipase solution throughout the body. Then, the client is unwrapped.

Step 2: Clients are then wrapped a second time with bandages soaked in the SlenderTone mineral solution. This is another 45-60 minute wrap. Again, light exercise is encouraged to promote an even greater inch loss. After the 45-60 minutes, the client is unwrapped.

The SlenderTone mineral wrap has to be delivered following the lipase wrap. The lipase wrap helps to break down some of the "hard fat tissue", while the minerals in SlenderTone wrap help replenish minerals in the body and help tighten and firm the softer tissue. Clients will see amazing results after their first wrap.

*Lipase is a known homeopathic element that is defined as any class of enzymes that break down fat, produced by the liver, pancreas, and often digestive organs or by certain plants.

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